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Confidence is such a huge word and it’s just up to you to be happy with yourself and your body to feel confident about who you are and where you are. I am here to help people reaching their goals to feel like that or even better.


My fitness journey started earlier in Finland when I trained in very young age in studios. I got motivated by some fitness influencer, so my goals got higher and higher. I decided to join some men’s physique competitions what I’m still into. But this wasn’t enough. I wanted to share my experience and passion with others and the chance came when I moved to Germany around three years ago. I started to train as a freelancer in corporation with a premium Fitness Studio. I felt blessed to help people feeling better, stronger and happier. I knew I want to reach out for more people. With over five hundred transformations we are convinced we’re on the right track, so let me be part of your very special story.


People always told me what I can’t do, what I can’t be or where I’m not supposed to get but I’m here. Exactly where I want to be. It’s possible if you want to work for it and I will help you.


With a lifetime of training and nutrition experience, and having worked under the tutelage of some of the best in the world, I’m here to provide value to those who want to push their body, mind, and spirit to become their best.

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